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Winter Sprinkler Blow-Out

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Winter Sprinkler Blow-Out

up to 6 zones or stations...$60.00

7 zones or stations............$65.00

8 zones or stations............$70.00

9 zones or stations............$75.00

10 zones or stations..........$80.00

12 zones or stations..........$90.00

This Brand of Vacuum Breaker has the little drain ball valves connected to the large ball valves.  ALL BALL VALVES MUST BE IN A 45 DEGREE ANGLE TO PREVENT CRACKING DURING FREEZING TEMPERATURES AS SHOWN IN PICTURE & DRAWING ABOVE.

Emergency Shut Off and Drain Before Early Fall Freeze and your Scheduled Sprinkler Blow-Out

  1. 1. Turn off water at main sprinkler valve.  Highlands Ranch Homes will generally be in the basement.

  2. 2. At the vacuum breaker, open the 2 little ball valve drains on the side or as shown below connected to the large ball valves on the vacuum breaker.

  3. 3. Ball Valves must be at a 45 degree angle as shown in the diagram to prevent freezing and cracking the sides of the ball valve.

  4. 4. Open the drain in the electric valve box to drain the water from the vacuum breaker to the electric valves.

  5. 5. For main sprinkler valves in basements, you must drain the water pipe from the vacuum breaker back to the main sprinkler valve by using the drain nut on the main sprinkler valve or other drains connected to the pipe.

Vacuum Breaker, Pressure Vacuum Breaker or PVB

Sprinkler Blow-Out

Only $60.00 for 6-Stations

Call 303-759-8383

for a Quick Easy Appointment.

*Offer good for Highlands Ranch, Lone Tree, Centennial (South of Arapahoe Road)

& North Areas of Parker.

Sprinkler System Shut Down Instructions to prevent Freeze Damage to the Vacuum Breaker

PDF Printed Sprinkler System Shut Down InstructionsSprinkler_Blowout_files/Sprinkler%20shut%20down%20instructions.pdf
CLICK HERESprinkler_Blowout_files/Sprinkler%20pic%20shut%20off%20good.pdf

Printable Sprinkler System Turn On Instruction

Printable Sprinkler System Turn On Instruction with Pictures

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